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Insulated Roof Coating Services

  • Q: What is Reflective Roof Coating Insulation?

A: Reflective Roof Coating Insulation is an alternative roofing system. This system is also referred to as a Cool Roof System. Reflective Roof Coating Insulation is liquid applied, continuous rubber or acrylic, ultraviolet, protective, sustainable membrane. When applied correctly over your existing roof, cool roof coating insulation will extend the useful life of the roof.

  • Q: What type of roofs can benefit from Reflective Roof Coating Insulation?

A: Almost every roof can benefit from the preventative maintenance of roof coating insulation. A variety of cool roof coatings are available. The number one type of roof that can most benefit from a reflective roof coating system is any flat roof, such as but not limited to; roll roofing, asphalt, rock, metal, cement, etc. The reason for this, is that all flat roofs should be coated with a reflective white roof coating to maximize energy conservation. However, as we stated above, almost every roof can benefit from cool roof coatings.

  • Q: How long will Reflective Roof Coating isulation last?

A: The sustainability of Reflective Roof Coating Insulation is directly related to the specified thickness. When properly maintained, the minimum manufacture warranty of any cool roof coating is at least 5 years. There are cool roof coating systems that have 10-15 year warranties depending on your type of roof. All Reflective Roof Coating Insulation is sustainable and when properly maintained and re coated, it will protect your roof forever.

  • Q: Can Reflective Roof Coating Insulation solve or prevent roof leaks?

A: If your roof is not leaking you should immediately apply and maintain a protective coating and you will never re-roof again. If your roof is leaking, leak detection and traditional roof repairs can often solve your problem. If repairs would not be successful re-roofing may be necessary before applying preventative maintenance roof coating.

  • Q: Why many roofers don't offer Cool Roof Coating Insulation?

A: Reflecitve Roof Coating Insulation cost far less. Roofers are in the business of tearing off your roof and installing a new roof every 10 to 20. If they helped you protect your roof forever they would need painting equipment instead of roofing equipment on their trucks.

  • Q: How thick can a Reflective Roof Coating Insulation be?

A: Cool Roof Coating Insulation can be as thick as you want to buy when applied by a certified applicator at the proper build rate for the curing requirements.

  • Q: How thick should Roof Coating Insulation be?

A: Cool Roof Coating Insulation should be thick enough to protect, water proof if needed, shield the sun, be able to walk on carefully, gently power-wash and clean and last through the warranty.

  • Q: What would a top-coat cost?

A: The cost to top-coat and extend the Cool Roof Coating Insulation life and warranty at today's prices might be around 50% of the original cost on a case by case basis. This means that whether you add a coat today or at anytime you are increasing the cost on average by as much as one-third.

  • Q: Do i need a roof permit for a Cool Roof Insulation System?

A: No. Cool Roof Coating Insulation is considered preventive maintenance. We are recommending extending the life of your existing roof, not replacement or a new roof.

  • Q: How heavy is the Cool Roof Coating Insulation?

A: Reflective Roof Coating Insulation weighs no more than the original tar paper, only ounces per square foot, which is less than 10% the weight of average roofing load and way less than all kinds of tiles, and some Cool Roof Coating Insulation is even lighter depending on your specific needs.